Our Story

In 2013, Katlyn Scott was a 14-year-old cheerleader and athlete in St. Clair,

Katlyn Scott

Michigan. Just like other student athletes, she went for her yearly sports physical at her pediatrician’s office, feeling just fine. Her doctor decided to do an EKG, something that is not normally done in a student athlete physical.

What he saw concerned him, and after further testing, Katlyn was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and pulmonary hypertension.
In March of 2014, she was admitted to University of Michigan’s Mott Children’s Hospital to have a PICC (permanent IV) line inserted. At that point, Katlyn was put at the top of the heart transplant list.
On July 1, 2014, the day before her 15th birthday, Katlyn received a new heart.
Katlyn’s parents, Bill and Amy Scott, knew that she was a miracle, and decided to share her story in hope that all young people could get their hearts screened, especially athletes.

The Scott family started Katlyn’s Krew in 2014 to raise funds to provide heart screenings for other young athletes. In May of that year, Katlyn’s dad read something about the upcoming Charlie Sanders “Have A Heart Save A Life” Celebrity Golf Outing, where funds would be raised to donate to hospitals and organizations that provided heart screenings at schools in Michigan.

He sent an email to the Charlie Sanders Foundation, and Pat McCarthy, then a member of the Board of Directors, saw it the night before the golf outing. The morning of the outing it was rainy and gloomy, and some celebrities were not able to attend. Charlie Sanders was getting a bit discouraged, so Pat showed him the email from Bill Scott. Although it made him sad to read that such a young girl was awaiting a heart transplant, it made his resolve to help the kids even stronger. And . . . the sun came out!

Katlyn & Fox 2 Detroit’s Dan Miller

Shortly thereafter, Charlie was honored by St. Jude Children’s Hospital at a banquet in Rochester, Michigan. He invited Katlyn and her dad to attend the event as his guests. Charlie and Katlyn became great friends and grew close and when Katlyn got the word that a heart was available, Charlie, Pat and even Fox 2 Detroit’s sports reporter Dan Miller were anxiously awaiting word during her 12-hour surgery. Texts were flying back and forth all night long.

Later that summer, Charlie asked how Katlyn’s Krew was doing, and upon finding that it was difficult to raise funds without being an official nonprofit corporation, he decided to bring Katlyn’s Krew into the Charlie Sanders Foundation family.

As you may know, Charlie Sanders became ill in the fall of 2014. The fourth annual golf outing was held in June of 2015, but he was in the hospital. Katlyn and her family were volunteers at the outing and worked very h

ard to help put on a great event. Sadly, Charlie passed away one month after that golf outing, in July of 2015. Heartbroken, Katlyn attended his funeral, along with her family and vowed to keep working hard to help other youn

Katlyn & “Roary”

g people get screened.

In November of 2015, Katlyn’s Krew held a 5K race to raise funds for the Charlie Sanders Foundation. It was great fun, although the weather didn’t cooperate! But Detroit Lion’s mascot Roary attended, and even ran the entire 5K!

After helping out at the last golf outing in June of 2016, it was decided that Katlyn’s Krew would leave the Charlie Sanders Foundation and strike out on their own as a new Michigan nonprofit corporation, “Katlyn’s Krew, Inc.” We are currently awaiting our 501(c)3 designation but are gearing up to do a lot of fundraising very soon.